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Our People

mayraMayra Lanausse
Vice President

Nothing gives you confidence like experience, and Mayra has it in spades! Out of 30 years in the industry, 18 years have been devoted to the very special clients of TMI. She first started as a group coordinator back in 1996; after two years on the job she became team leader and it was in 2002 when she positioned herself as Vice-President of Targa Meetings & Incentive.

Mayra in her own words:
“The reason I started in this industry was following a dream: I dreamt to travel to Bora Bora and the Polynesian Islands but at that time was very difficult to reach this destination and almost impossible for me to afford it. Finally, after 25 years pursuing my dream, I was invited in a familiarization trip with a tour operator, I realized then that focusing, believing, and working hard can make dreams come true!”
...“(For my clients) I plan every trip as it was for myself, even if I’ve been in that place before every time is a different experience because every client has a unique perspective and I’ve learned to pull out so many different perceptions from the same places and that’s what I love to convey to every client...”
... “Once I do the site-inspection, I get fully motivated to take my client so that they can live the experience first-hand; it’s just something money can’t buy...”
...“(In my trips with corporate clients) I have two special places in my heart: India and South Africa; their impressive culture, strong traditions and epic monuments have made a huge impact in me and in the perspective I have nowadays about life... just overwhelming”...

sandraSandra Cruz
Group Coordinator

The vast experience given by more than 24 years in the industry, define Sandra’s confident and expertise. Of those years, 13 years have been devoted to the very special clients of TMI. Sandra, born & raised in NYC, moved to Puerto Rico at age 15. Back then, she discovered a passion for traveling, the drive to go places and discovered that the world holds beautiful places.

Sandra in her own words:
“…TMI has been my second home for 13 years!”
“ (Of my favorite places to be) I love the beach, enjoy being around my friends and family and read a good book! On my vacation time I rather stay home than travel, all year long I travel most of the time with corporate groups, love to plan their events, and giving suggestion of Destinations, so my relax vacation time I just stay home…”
“( I have) 3 memorable destinations that I will always cherish, Morrocco - the culture, the people, the mystic about the place impacted me in a way that i will always remember. Paris- I was so involved in my group and their preparations that on our first evening tour with them the bus stopped near the Effiel Tower and tears exploded out of me from the realization that I was in PARIS: my dream destination! Los Cabos- was enchanted! A misterious draw! Fell in love…”

keyKey M. Betances
Group Coordinator

Since December 2003, Key’s friendly disposition and dedication to her travelers has made her a “modern guru” of group traveling. Key’s first-hand experience with different cultures and her extensive travelling and proven organizational skills has kept her a leading lady in the corporate travel industry.

Key in her own words:
“…I love my work because I’ve been able to meet many people from different cultures and visit many beautiful places. My favorite hobbies are watching a good movie and/or read a good book with a glass of wine"
“… I think I don’t have a favorite country; I’ve loved every place I’ve visited because I look for the essence of each culture and what makes that place unique. For example, I absolutely love the beautiful scenery of places like Costa Rica and Los Cabos; the structure and neatness of Canada, Spain’s wonderful food, London’s elegance, Paris breathtaking landmarks, and specially my wonderful and beautiful Dominican Republic.”

MarisolMarisol Carlo
Group Coordinator

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Marisol or "Mari" has been in Tourism since 1987, where 10 of them have been devoted directly to the travel industry and incentive groups at Condado Travel (sister-company of Targa Meetings and Incentives) and in Targa Meeting & Incentive itself. Her 'motto' has always been to serve and deliver on her clients as it was herself or personal travel.

Marisol in her own words:
“…My favorite destination to sell is Orlando because is a place that takes me to fantasy, innocence and joy of childhood...Personally, my favorite city is Barcelona for its culture, history and architecture. I understand that traveling is an optional experience in our lives so I deeply care that the trips I put together for my guests will turn out to be unforgettable experiences. I am very happy to have this profession that brings joy and new experiences for life to our clients in Targa Meeting and Incentives.”

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